Tips for you so you can become a better player

Since i have got asked quite often, generate an income can level up so quick in Hay Day, I wrote down below some tricks and tips on how I managed to get this done. For a lot of you it’s not going to be anything new, but eventually it may still help some people. And everyone knows, when you can at least help many people then it is definitely worthwhile.

Of course I can only tell you my perspective, some of you might perform stuff differently than me or simply don’t take the game that serious and play it normally.
But to express things first: The more active you’re in the game, the faster you’ll progress through the game. A good thing to do this is using the Hay Day hack here, but we will discuss this another time.

The main target of these tricks and tips is to progress fast with the game!
But one thing really should not be left out: Fun. Everyone might have fun differently at this online game.

I separated it in:
Playing while you need to consider care about your income and while you don’t have to take care of your cash

  • If the money in Hay Day is essential (needed to buy machines, plants):
    You are able to completely ignore orders or clients. You better offer your items at their highest prices on the market or take a look to the newspaper.
    It is recommended if you need to as much neighbors as feasible. Furthermore you should sell your products on the market and help with the boats. Or you can take a great deal into the Hay Day hack as well as download it.
  • While you are in the game it is best to plant corn. Always and usually plant corn. Just keep that in your mind. If it’s ready then market it and plant it once again. If they stay left behind on the market and your stock is complete, then don’t worry. Other players will come and assist you by buying your products.
  • Positive and unwanted effects while planting corn:
    regularly lots of important tools will be ruined, you will get XP, it takes a short time and gives you lots of money.

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Make use of some little tricks here and there

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